Finally Understand The Financial System

Introducing the First-Ever ‘Financial Wake-up Call’

  • Most people don’t understand money or how it works

  • Which puts us in extremely high levels of unnecessary debt and financial stress for life

  • What We Need Is A Wake Up Call! To wake us up to the reality we live in!

The One Money Lesson We Should Have Known Before Making Our First Dollar

How to Start Using Your Money the Right Way to Build Wealth and Create a Better Financial Future

Most people believe that “the more money I make, the better off I will be.” But that’s not true. It’s actually BS. 

Even if your income was to go from $100k to $500k a year, your financial situation would still be the same…

…all because you missed an important money lesson before spending your first dollar.

As a veteran financial adviser, I can assure you that with that mindset, you will still worry about money and have money problems. 

And most people do.

And you will feel uncertain about your financial future. 

I’m not here to preach to you about financial minimalism. (Stop buying expensive coffee etc.)

Because the secret to more money lies in understanding money, how it works, and how to best use it.  NOT by just simply making more.

But here is the shocking truth – it’s not your fault if you feel you don’t have enough money… Why? 


The Money System Was Designed to Make You Poor


But now you can count yourself lucky. After what I want to show you, you will be among the few who, instead of being trampled by the money system, they are empowered to overcome it.

And ultimately achieve true financial freedom and wealth.

There are a lot of people who wished they had access to this information a long time ago.

And they (we) pay a very high price because of their ignorance.

Marriages have ended because of not knowing the truth about money.

Some people are now sick because they believed the lies about money and sacrificed their health for it. 

Some people now face an uncertain future because they didn’t get what you are about to learn. 

As you will discover, the money system was meant to make other people wealthy and everyday people like you and me poor. But with The Financial Wakeup Call and The Power of A True Money History that you are about to receive, that will not be your destiny.

No amount of hard work will do.

And no amount of making more money or expense tracking or careful budgeting can help.

You will only wear yourself out with more work, more stress, and more despair.  Why? Because you don't have the truth yet… The solid foundation yet.

Here is my promise to you: 

You will never spend, earn, or think about money the same way after what I plan to share with you.

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What You'll Learn In This Course

My goal, after you finish this course, is to help you to be aware of: How you use your money. How you earn your money. How much money you’ve actually got and how to better manage it. What money really is. THE TRUE HISTORY OF MONEY AND HOW IT EVOLVED. How banks and other institutions make more money than you or I EVER WILL and how the laws are set up in their favour, not ours. Also discover money’s real purpose (and how it slowly became a tool of oppression for the world’s people). And of course, how to take your own personal power back.

  • How the financial system was created and became what it is today

  • How to go around this system and come out ahead

  • Discover who tried to stop the financial systems in the past and those who profit from our hard work

  • How those heroes succeeded once in the past and how you and I can too

  • Why that’s ultra-important to your financial well being

  • Discover your own personal financial history and habits, (what you learn might shock you)

  • Find out where exactly your money has gone over the years

  • How to move forward and make money work for you (and no longer be a slave to it)

  • Bonus: Access to The Financial Ninjaz Community

Who Is Your Instructor?

Michael Santonato

Michael Santonato

The event will be led by Michael Santonato, a Financial Advisor and Executive Director, investor, and advocate for your financial education. Michael has helped hundreds of individuals and families start the path to financial improvement, financial integrity, and financial education. He helps people get more out of their money. Michael was raised by two parents who were bank managers and is the youngest of four children. By the time he was 22 years old, he had his first rental property and was investing in the stock market. By the time he was 25, he was making $70,000 a year and saved 20% of his income. A year later, he plateau'd in his career as a retail store manager. He left his career and secure job, to venture out as an entrepreneur and business owner. Michael has started three businesses and failed and succeeded more times than he can count! Michael is married, lives in Woodbridge and has three step kids. He is an avid public speaker, event host, emcee, and facilitator. Michael is accountable for over $1 million in private cryptocurrency assets and over $2 million in traditional investment markets.

Hear From People Who Took The Course

Tina Kidd, Saskatchewan

"At No Point Did I Judge Myself"

Tina Kidd, Saskatchewan

This eye-opening course is so informative. I appreciate the non-judgemental approach, how it resonates with me and how relevant it is for anyone feeling stuck or wanting better for their life and financial situation. I love “the 3 rules” and the deep breaths – so empowering! You talk the same way a caring friend would talk to me who is honest and wanting to help improve things for me. I had some great takeaways pertaining to the 3 rules. And in no point during the course did I judge myself or make me feel bad for any financial choices I’ve made. I took the course to learn so I could have the information that will help me know what to do better. And in particular whether to have investments with banks versus investment firms. I learned, and even wrote down, to “plan better”. Thank you for this course Michael.
Julia Bussey, Barrie

"Sad and Scary to know this is how the money system works"

Julia Bussey, Barrie

Its kind of Sad and scary to know this is how our money system works. I hate that we are left in the dark. But thanks to the knowledge that you shared, I found this very empowering. Thank you for the information. I am going to bed knowing I've made millions and I'll make millions more!
Kasia Juszczak, Hunstsville

"Everyone Should Take This Course"

Kasia Juszczak, Hunstsville

My husband and I absolutely loved it! We think everyone should take this course! We never would have imagined these were our habits or that THAT is how the money system worked. We are thankful we took the course and now we know what to do, to do everything differently!

More Money Never Made Anyone Rich

No good pair of shoes will make you run better if you can’t run in the first place.

It’s the same here.

If you don’t know this information, regardless of how many businesses you start, regardless of how many 7-figure jobs you get, your situation won’t change.

But with this course, you will discover whether your money is contributing to your wealth or not (it doesn’t for most people and that’s why this will be so important for you).

You will discover a little trick to see if you’ve been using your money the right way (and learn exactly what to do to correct that from this moment on).

You will discover the real reason banks are not your friend (and learn the better options you have).

You will connect yourself deeply to your current mindset about money and discover if it’s helping you financially.

You will unlearn what you think is the truth about money and learn what is really true.

And the best part, the course is short and delivered in a fun way.


  • Will this be one of those boring financial course?

    No this will not be a 'typical boring financial event.' We like to have fun and we like to make things simple and easy to understand for others. There will be minimal technical details and a majority of easy to understand concepts, ideas, analogies, and metaphors. We promise to make you laugh as well.

  • Is this is typical money course?

    This is NOT a typical money course. We do not talk about your debt, what investments are, what types of investments are there, etc.

  • Who are The Financial Ninjaz?

    An online community of individuals and people just like you who are committed to improving their financial education and wealth. We share knowledge, tips, strategies, and resources to grow together and get better and better. Why the ninjaz? To make it fun of course! We slash our debt, assassinate unnecessary fees, and assimilate and expand our financial tool chest!

  • How long will this course take?

    Approximately 2 hours. Thats it.