What You'll Learn In This Course

  • What Is Bitcoin And Why Its A Great Investment

  • Why Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Is The Most Important Invention Of Our Time

  • What Are Miners and Mining and How Does It Work?

  • What Bitcoin and Crypto & Cryptocurrency Will Do For The Planet And Its People

  • Top Industries It Will Change and Disrupt In Our Lifetime

  • How to Buy and Sell/Trade Bitcoin And Where To Get It

A ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Investment Opportunity

And We Only Have a Few Years to Profit from It ("Visionary Investors Are Calling It a Guaranteed Success")

This course was completed in 2017. When Bitcoin was still relatively unheard of. When it was relatively new. Before it crossed that mainstream media barrier. A financial advisor named Michael Santonato saw the need to educate people and inform them about this upcoming brand new digital asset class and its definite increase in value. Michael understood most people had been incorrectly led to believe Bitcoin was for terrorists. (A commonly purported message by the mainstream media pre-2017.) The course shares with you the truth about bitcoin and cryptocurrency and has been updated in 2019 and 2020.
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What Is It Really?

In this course you will understand the true nature of cryptocurrency and why it was invented. With proof that it was created as an alternative to the existing fiat (fake) money system. The truth will be revealed about the game changing nature of cryptocurrency and why everyone needs to know about it now. It is an invention which has global implications to free humanity and improve living conditions for everyone on the planet. It also just so happens to be the best performing growth asset of the last 10 years. (2020 update: Yes, that's right, the last 10 years.)
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Michael Santonato

Michael Santonato

The event will be led by Michael Santonato, a Financial Advisor and Executive Director, investor, and advocate for your financial education. Michael has helped hundreds of individuals and families start the path to financial improvement, financial integrity, and financial education. He helps people get more out of their money. Michael was raised by two parents who were bank managers and is the youngest of four children. By the time he was 22 years old, he had his first rental property and was investing in the stock market. By the time he was 25, he was making $70,000 a year and saved 20% of his income. A year later, he plateau'd in his career as a retail store manager. He left his career and secure job, to venture out as an entrepreneur and business owner. Michael has started three businesses and failed and succeeded more times than he can count! Michael is married, lives in Woodbridge and has three step kids. He is an avid public speaker, event host, emcee, and facilitator. Michael is accountable for over $1 million in private cryptocurrency assets and over $2 million in traditional investment markets.

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Why Its The Future And Its Here To Stay

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